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Amazon Rainforest Plots are sold through Facebook Marketplac

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BerichtGeplaatst: 26-02-2021 10:35:28    Onderwerp: Amazon Rainforest Plots are sold through Facebook Marketplac Reageren met citaat

The discovered parts of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest illegally.Protected areas include national forests and land reserved for indigenous peoples. Some of the plots stated through Facebook's classified ad service are as large as 1,000 football fields.Facebook said it was "ready to work with local authorities" but said it would not take independent steps of its own to halt the trade.Our trade policy requires buyers and sellers to comply with laws and regulations," added the California technology company.The leader of one of the affected indigenous communities encourages technology companies to take more action.And campaigners claim the country's government doesn't want to stop selling.Land intruders feel so empowered to the point that they are not ashamed of using Facebook to make illegal land deals," said Ivaneide Bandeira, head of environmental NGO Kanindť.

No certificate

Anyone can search for เกมสล็อตฟรี illegal invasion plots by typing the Portuguese equivalent for search terms like "forest", "native forest" and "wood" in the Facebook Marketplace search engine and selecting one of the Amazon states as the location.Some listings have satellite images and GPS coordinates.
Many vendors openly acknowledge their lack of land ownership, it is the only document proving ownership of Brazilian legal land.Illegal activities are being driven by the Brazilian ranch industry.

'No risk'

Brazil's Amazon deforestation is at its highest in 10 years, and Facebook's Marketplace has become a website for vendors such as Fabricio Guimar„es filmed with hidden cameras.There is no risk here for government officials to be inspected," he said as he walked through a burning forest to fill the ground.By making the land illegally cleared and ready for farming, he tripled the initial asking price to $ 35,000 (£ 25,000).Fabricio is not a farmer, he has a stable middle-class job in the city and sees the rainforest as an investment opportunity.The later contacted Fabricio in response to the investigation. But he declined to comment.

To covert

Many of the ads come from RondŰnia, the most deforested state in the Brazilian rainforest region.The hosts a meeting between four vendors from the state and an undercover officer who pretends to be lawyers claiming to represent wealthy investors.A man named Alvim Souza Alves is trying to sell land in the Uru Eu Wau Wau native reserve for about £ 16,400 in local currency.It is home to a community of more than 200 Uru Eu Wau Wau, and at least five other groups that have no contact with the outside world also live there, according to the Brazilian government.

But at the meeting, Mr. Alves claimed: "There are no Indians [sic] there, my land is 50 km [31 miles] away. I will not tell you that at one time they were not. It's walking around. shows a Facebook ad to community leader Bitatť Uru Eu Wau Wau.He said the lot was in an area used by his community for hunting, fishing and fruit a lack of respect," he said.I don't know any of these people, I think their goal is deforestation in indigenous lands, to deforestate what stands deforestation in our lives, you can say"He said the authorities should intervene and urged Facebook, the "most accessible social media platform" - to take action.

Status changed

Another factor driving the illegal land market is amnesty expectations.Mr Alves revealed he is working with others to lobby politicians to help them legally own the stolen land.I will tell you the truth: if this is not solved by [President] Bolsonaro there, it cannot be resolved any longer, Ēhe said of the current government.The common tactic is deforestation, and then asks politicians to give up their protected status, essentially no longer serving their original purpose.Land catchers are then able to buy land officially from the government, thus legitimizing their claims.Alves took the BBC's undercover reporter to a man he described as the head of the Khurupira Association. Brazil's federal police described the group as an illegal land seizure operation focused on invasion of indigenous lands.

Two men told reporters that high-profile politicians were helping them hold meetings with government bodies in the capital city of Brasilia.They said their main ally was Congressman Colonel Chrisůstomo, a member of the Social Liberal Party, whom Bolsonaro was a member until he formed his own party in 2019.Contacted by the BBC, Colonel Chrisůstomo admitted to helping hold the meeting. But said he did not know the group was involved in the land invasion.They didn't tell me," he said. "If they invaded [the territory], they wouldn't have my support anymore.
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