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BerichtGeplaatst: 09-10-2018 04:42:40    Onderwerp: l=]Chea Reageren met citaat

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The 2.5-tonne Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) Air Max 2018 Sale Clearance , dubbed Insight, transmitted to a ground station its first data on its second day in orbit. The data proved to be of good quality, and the telescope detected a gamma-ray burst 10 days after its launch.

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"We will finish calibrating all instruments within the first five months in orbit before Insight starts regular observation," said Song Liming, deputy chief designer of the HXMT science ground segment and a scientist with the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Song and his team solicited observation proposals from scientists around the country last year Air Max 2017 Sale Clearance , and drew up a one-year observation plan after evaluating 90 proposals from six CAS institutes and 10 universities.

"After starting regular observation, the telescope will spend 30 to 40 percent of its first year scanning the Galactic plane and the rest of the time on pointing observation," said Qu Jinlu, deputy chief designer of the HXMT science ground segment and a scientist with IHEP.

"We divide the galactic plane into 19 sky zones. It will take the telescope over two hours to scan each and about two days to finish the whole, if we don't count the time to avoid the sun," said Qu.

Insight will see recurrent or even periodic outbursts of known sources Air Max 95 Sale Clearance , and is good at searching for new sources that are transiently bright in X-rays.

"If the telescope detects a new source, we will assess its scientific value right away to decide whether it's worth a pointing observation," Qu explained.

Song said experts who have contributed to the HXMT project, both at home and abroad, and those who see their proposals adopted can access and use the observation data exclusively for one year, in line with international practice.

"After one year Air Max 90 Sale Clearance , the data will be open to everybody. Even middle school students will be able to download our data, if they are interested," Song said.

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