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Norman Powell Jersey

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XINING Zach Ertz Jersey , Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- The King Gesar, a millennium-old Tibetan epic poem, is to have its own protection zone on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, the local government said Monday.

The protection zone covers the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golog, northwest China's Qinghai Province, famous for natural and cultural relics related to the epic.

According to Doje Gyaincog, head of the prefecture's cultural and sports bureau Vince Carter Jersey , with the support of the Culture Ministry, the prefecture will first carry out a thorough survey of storytellers.

The government has plans to grant stable salaries to the storytellers so they no longer need to worry about making a living, but can instead focus on their art.

In addition, natural and cultural relics such as Ayude, birthplace of King Gesar, will be protected and the government will collect libretti, audio and video clips and pictures.

"We have also plans to invite artists to work the epic into symphonies Tracy Mcgrady Jersey , musicals and dramas to spread the Gesar legend to a larger audience, especially young people," said Doje Gyaincog.

King Gesar, with more than 120 volumes and at least 1 million lines, tells how the half-human, half-god Tibetan king of the 11th Century conquered the devils of other tribes and sought to help ordinary people.

The epic has been recited for generations by what locals call "god-taught storytellers" who are often illiterate and know none of the poem, but begin to tell the stories after experiencing strange dreams.

"The epic is so popular among Tibetans that almost everyone has heard the king's stories or watched performances since they were kids. It's a part of our childhood Serge Ibaka Jersey ," said Living Buddha Tsedri from the prefecture's Kere Monastery, who is a trakhan (a Gesar storyteller in Tibetan).

As modernization permeates the plateau, the pool of trakhan is shrinking, and many of the relics are poorly cared for. Many storytellers, mainly herdsmen or farmers, are nomadic and only a few go on to become respected artists.

"There are some 160 storytellers in Golog. Some of them are very old and their health is poor. Once they are gone, we will have lost the heart of the epic Pascal Siakam Jersey ," said Tsedri.

King Gesar was listed as national intangible cultural heritage in 2006 and listed as World Intangible Cultural Heritage items by UNESCO in 2009.

Christmas party games make any holiday celebration fun. Party games get the party going and keep it going. Like most Christmas traditions, Christmas games were enjoyed throughout the centuries as an important part of holiday celebrations.

As early as the 16th century it was customary to play games at Christmas. Late medieval English law allowed servants and commoners to play games at Christmas that were forbidden the rest of the year. These games included tennis, dice, cards, billiard and others.

Christmas games enjoyed in the modern period were blindman's bluff, feed the dove and hot cockles. In Hot Cockles each player in turn is blindfolded. The blindfolded player puts his hands behind his back, palms up. One of the other players hits the hands of the blindfolded player. The blindfolded player must guess which of the other players has hit him. If he does so correctly OG Anunoby Jersey , he may penalize the player whom he "caught." Those who preferred a greater mental test might retire to a game of chess, while the physically agile might challenge each other to tennis or skittles.

The English also enjoyed playing cards and gambling at Christmas time, especially with dice. During the reign of the Tudor kings, working people may have found greater pleasure in these games than the well-to-do, since they were prohibited by law from playing games except at Christmas time. In the sixteenth and 17th centuries the Puritans condemned those who celebrated Christmas by playing games and gambling.

In Victorian England parlor games remained popular Christmas entertainments throughout the 19th century. Victorians favored such games as Snapdragon, Forfeits, Hoop and Hide (Hide and Seek) Norman Powell Jersey , charades, Blind Man's Bluff, Queen of Sheba (a variation on Blind Man's Bluff), and Hunt the Slipper. In Snapdragon players gathered around a bowl of currants covered with spirits. A lighted match was dropped into the bowl, setting fire to the alcohol. Players challenged one another to grab a flaming currant out of the bowl and pop it into their mouths, thus extinguishing the flames. A bit of light verse describes the fearful delights of this game:
Here he comes with flaming bowl,
Don't he mean to take his toll Nick Foles Jersey ,
Snip! Snap! Dragon!
Take care you don't take too much,
Be not greedy in your clutch,
Snip! Snap! Dragon!
With his blue and lapping tongue
Many of you will be stung,
Snip! Snap! Dragon!
For he snaps at all that comes
Snatching at his feast of plums,
Snip! Snap! Dragon!
But Old Christmas makes him come,
Though he looks so fee! fa! fum!
Snip! Snap! Dragon!
Don't 'ee fear him, be but bold-
Out he goes Lucas Nogueira Jersey , his flames are cold,
Snip! Snap! Dragon!

Players heightened the effect of the glowing, blue flames by extinguishing all other lights in the room except that cast by the burning bowl.

In Hunt the Slipper players formed a circle around one person. They held their hands behind their backs and passed a slipper around the outside of the circle. The person in the center of the circle had to guess who was in possession of the slipper at any given moment.

A number of other English Christmas games have now disappeared so completely that only their picturesque names remain behind. Folklorists cannot now say how they were played. These forgotten games include Shoeing the Wild Mare, Steal the White Loaf, Post and Pair, Feed the Dove, Puss-in-the-Corner LeGarrette Blount Jersey , and The Parson Has Lost His Cloak. Before a Christmas party bro.
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