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Santa Catalina , the beautiful fishing village in Panama, has been catching the eyes of surfers and tourists for a long time now. The village has vast natural resources and beauty all around as the Pacific Ocean roars up on its black sand beaches.

For many decades, surfers from across the world are drawn to Santa Catalina with great enthusiasm. Fishing and scuba diving are the other two activities that the tourists undertake as soon as they reach the place. The best time, however, to go for surfing in Santa Catalina is between February to August , where sea waves reaches as high as 6 to 9 meters. In general, the waves are 2 to 3 meters high.

The beautiful beaches, surfing areas and affordable accommodations in Santa Catalina made it one of Latin America's most popular surf destinations. Much of the Santa Catalina's beach is scattered with rocks and boulders. While the serious surfers find the place as a surfing paradise, it is an attractive place for those who want to observe great surfing from a distance too.

It takes around five hours to travel from Panama City to Santa Catalina by car but soon there will be a local airport offering 3 flights a week between Santa Catalina and Panama City. The developer's of Big World Villas are involved in the construction of the airport. Once you reach Santa Catalina, you can lounge on an isolated beach or go scuba diving or go surfing. If you want to roam around , you can do that as well. Quite a number of islands are scattered around Santa Catalina of which, most are unexplored and have white sand beaches with surf breaks. If you want to relax at a sound place, spend a day at the beach. You will find the natural sights of the beach beautiful to watch.

Once you are in Santa Catalina, you can get accommodation at the Oasis surf camp if you like. You will love their food for sure. Run by the Italian owners, Oasis serves great pasta. Another good place to spend the night is the Casa Blanca Surf Resort. Owned by Ricardo Icaza , this place is close to the beach and looks amazing under moonlight. Once Big World Villas open there doors in 2010 there will be 5 star accommodation available also.

Santa Catalina has a good reputation for its articulate restaurants. The food here tastes really good. Italian pastas, pizza, Argentinean steaks and authentic Panamanian food are served in nearly all the restaurants. Most restaurants are located along the El Estero road and along the main street.

Isla Cebaco, which is accessible by boat only, is an excellent island with a point break. Experienced surfers love the high waves of this place. You can also visit Punta Brava Island. Punta Brava with hollow left-hand and rock-bottom break is only about half hour walk away from the main Santa Catalina point. This place is also very good for surfing.

The sea bed of Santa Catalina consists of volcanic rocks. Therefore , it is better to bring proper shoes. Surfers bring their own boards though surf boards can be rented for $5 a day from Rolo at Cabaas Rolo rents.

Undoubtedly, Santa Catalina is the best surfing spot in Panama. You will miss a lot if you do not surf here at least once during your stays in Panama.
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