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The Airbus prototype could use drones from a cargo plane.

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BerichtGeplaatst: 25-02-2021 10:17:51    Onderwerp: The Airbus prototype could use drones from a cargo plane. Reageren met citaat

For small planes, any open sky could become a runway if other planes could be taken to high altitudes first.On December 9, 2020, Airbus revealed a prototype of an air launcher designed to launch a craft. Carefully idle aerial vehicles or drones from the cargo plane's loading ramps into the sky while flying.The launcher was built for use on the Airbus A400M, a four-engine propulsion aircraft that served France in 2013 and has since been used by other countries' armed forces.The aircraft has a range of 2,100 miles, with The full load is only 82,000 pounds, but can go further if it weighs less.

In the เกมสล็อตฟรี announcement video, Airbus shows the aerial target drone within the A400M.The aerial targeting drone is built on a budget and is used as a clay pigeon for fighter jets and anti-air missiles. The low-cost target drone makes it a useful entry point to designing useful and functional military drones that are sized for shooting from the rear of cargo planes. But there are useful sensors or weapons needed to perform a military mission.Given the limitation of the pinion set by the width of the actual cargo hold, the drone is a good approximation of the size and range of flying robots launched on board. Airbus air-targeting drones, such as the DO-DT-25R (named after), can fly about 60 miles.Placing them in a carrier with a range of turboprop in question expands that range by two sequences of size It gives the army a lot of possibilities when it comes to drones in the war.

Imagine a future combat scenario that requires multiple long-range aircraft carriers on the first day of future combat," said Andreas Heckmann, head of the firing program at Airbus, in a video about the prototype. In almost all European countries, and you can launch UAVS, which is a long-haul carrier in this case, from transport aircraft and later in multiple UAVs.The news raises the question: What kind of situations call for an airplane to be able to shoot down other planes? It's a topic that designers have pondered for almost a century, going back to at least the 1930s and biplane escort equipped with airships. (The real thing that the US Navy built and tested) The most urgent reason to put smaller planes on big planes is to protect those bigger planes from the popular enemy XF-85 Goblin fighters. Based on science in December 1948, a small pilot jet built to ride in the belly of a large bomber carrying a B-36 nuke, then released to protect enemy air bombers - fighter jets.

Two developments other than Goblin's design doomed the idea. The first is that the improved fighter design makes the specially mounted bomber irrelevant. Second, and more importantly, anti-air missiles pose a major risk for bombers, given the negligible range and speed the escort can achieve.
The continued dominance of missile-based anti-air weapons from the Cold War to the present is the reconsideration of drones that launch planes. Drones have some advantages over human-powered vehicles. The first is that they can be expended both in terms of material costs and because they do not risk the life of the pilot on a working plane.In the United States, DARPA, the Pentagon's Blue Sky Program wing, has been trying to better answer this question over a decade. The signature program is Gremlins, which not only completes aerial drones, But air drones are also being recovered. DARPA recently announced its LongShot program, which involves aerial launch drones capable of air-to-air weapons combat.

These flying robots could be part of the way airplanes strike anti-air missiles. Transport planes can send dozens of cheap armed drones to attack anti-air missile installations, destroy weapons and people burn them. Once that path is cleared, other planes can move on to attack other military locations. It can also clear routes for transporting aircraft, landings, human transport, and ground-fighting vehicles and cargo.Responding to the threat from air anti-air missiles is just one possible way for more usable drones in planes. In a more calm environment, a transporter capable of launching rugged reconnaissance aircraft can fly to the site of natural disasters, then use drones to see if there is a landing area below.Airbus prototypes allow aircraft launchers to play a more active role in the war of the future. Of course, the prototype actually works as promised.
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