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Important Things To Know About High-Risk Merchant Account & Payment Gateway
Posted by Merchantstronghold on July 22nd Cheap Valtteri Filppula Hoodie , 2017

Entrepreneurs enter the market with new business ideas. When everything is established and they go to the payment gateway Banks to get the payment gateway, they dont get the approvals from the risk departments considering the business to be a high-risk business.

High-risk businesses are often declined by the payment processors and acquiring banks and it became difficult to get the fair payment processing account.

All kinds of financial institutions process money. And when it comes to processing money they are obligated by regulators to classify merchants as low risk, medium risk, and high-risk merchants.

Payment processor will never accept you when they think you process high risk and there are chances that they will lose money. And even if they accept you they will charge very high transaction discount rate. There are few reasons why your business can be considered as a high-risk business. Few reasons are:

You have lost your previous merchant account due to high chargeback ratio.
Questionable sales and marketing tactics
Potential legal and financial liability
Your credit is really bad.
Industry is known for excessive chargebacks or fraud incidents
Trial continuity business
Previous credit card processing is not good enough
Youve been branded as terminated merchant (TMF).

If you are not getting the merchant account Cheap Jordan Weal Hoodie , dont worry. There are providers who are specialized in providing gateways to the high-risk account. It may be a little more expensive, you may need to agree to a high rolling reserve or you may need to send more documents during the on boarding process but youll be able to get the payment gateway. First of all, you need to find who is able to cooperate with you. We at Merchant Stronghold love to cooperate with merchants that have a high risk business category.

About the Author:
This article was written by Merchant Stronghold, a best High-risk Merchant account & Payment Gateway Provider Cheap Brian Elliott Hoodie , It is specialized for credit card processing & offshore merchant account in a globe, Located in Clearwater USA. Our all-in-one merchant accounts include everything that a high risk or offshore merchants needs to process successfully. Processing Includes debit and credit card processing, check processing (ACH), payment gateways Cheap Brandon Manning Hoodie , and chargeback management services.

Guide to Halal Investment Opportunities in UK

Posted by islamicwealth on November 19th, 2014

Islamic finance is such an attractive form of financing for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Because of its compliance with Sharia Law, it is also one of the most transparent and fair means of handling finance that is based on integrity and adherence to the Islamic code of conduct.

The main principle of Islamic finance is avoiding all haram or harmfulunrighteous activities in all finance transactions. This includes charging interest and other excessive profit-bearing activities. In addition to disallowing interest and profit generation, Islamic financial institutions must also ensure that gharar or ambiguity as well as maysair or gamblingspeculation are minimised in contracts and transactions. Compliance to Sharia law also means you cannot invest in things that involve alcohol Cheap Scott Laughton Hoodie , pornography, gambling, and even haram food like pork.

Of all the prohibitions and compliance requirements of Islamic finance, its overarching principle remains to be the prohibition of any and all forms of interest. The model works on the unique basis of risk-sharing Cheap Sean Couturier Hoodie , where clients and banks share the risk of investments on the agreed terms and divide the profits between them. There are 5 major categories of Islamic finance, including:

Ijara This category of Islamic finance is a form of leasing agreement where the bank buys an item for you, the customer and then leases it back during a specific course of time. Ijara-wa-Iqtina This is a similar agreement as Ijara, only that you Cheap Travis Konecny Hoodie , the customer, are allowed to buy the item when the contract ends. Mudaraba mudaraba is a specialist investment where you share profits with the bank. While customers do risk losing money when the investment goes south, the bank on the other hand, will not charge handling fees unless the investment turns a profit. Murabaha Murabaha is a unique form of credit Cheap Ivan Provorov Hoodie , enabling you to make a purchase without taking out a loan that bears interest. The bank buys the item and sells it to you on a deferred basis. Musharaka The fifth and last form of Islamic financing is musharaka, which is essentially, an investment partnership where profit-sharing terms are settled and agreed upon in advance and losses are attached to the invested amount.

Halal investment opportunities have been around since the 1960s, helping Muslim investors flourish in their investments. The key to managing your Halal investments and making sure that they all comply with Sharia law is to find financial advisors that offer expertise in personal Cheap Jakub Voracek Hoodie , business, and non-profit Halal investments.

About the Author:
This article is written by Brian Adams, who is the director at Islamic Wealth Management. Islamic Wealth Management was established to provide Sharia-compliant financial planning service to Muslim individuals and business owners to maximise prosperity without comprising Islamic principles.

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