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Food prices are on the rise along with all commodities. The reason is simple , natural resources are finite and the currency pigs in government and central banking, like Ben Bernanke, can print money ad infinitum. Simple.

Add in hoards of other distortions in our government-directed, over-regulated markets and we have some interesting situations. So, whats one to do? Learn how to lower your cost of living as fast as you can, through practical skills, or face extraordinary expenses in food and energy. Thats the first thing. Then Cheap Washington Redskins Jersey , take your savings, like the U.S. dollar and all U.S. dollar denominated bonds, and buy gold and silver. Otherwise, youre going to be screwed!

Seriously, sell bonds. Bill Grosse, Chief of Pimco, the worlds largest bond fund Cheap Tennessee Titans Jersey , is said to be 100% out of U.S. treasuries. Hold your savings in precious metals and maybe some solid conservative currencies like Canadian Dollars or Swiss Francs or Norwegian Krone. I am not saying these things are cheap, they are not, but the bonds and U.S. dollars face certain doom. Batten down the hatches.

As far as practical skills, one needs to develop skills that save him or her a buck. Shave your spending wherever you can. The Japanese are a prime example of a practically skilled population. Their government has done everything in its power to destroy their economy and they keep on keeping on, saving saving saving, month after month, and theyre wages are lower than in the west. Not only do they have to contend with lower wages Cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey , they pay very high prices for energy and transportation and they have numerous expensive government cash grabs to deal with too. The average Japanese you meet on the street is skilled. Cooking, sewing, auto repair and auto optimization, gardening, cleaning, basic home repair, how to build water and energy optimization systems Cheap Seattle Seahawks Jersey , self-defence and home cures are all practical skills and knowledge that can reduce your cost of living dramatically, so you save more money, or have more money for things you wish to buy.

Parents: retirement planning should include raising practically skilled children!

It only makes sense. You bring them into the world and raise them with your labour and love and you form a relationship that lasts into your declining years, when you may want to call in a favour or two.

Anyway, get down to learning something useful for your own good because these prices are on the rise and the shit has hit the fan!

About the Author

Travis Grier: and ThriftCultureNow

In TCN Inflation Hedge Super Duo you will learn about Precious Metal and Practical Skills. Also you will learn about many money savings ideas here.

Five Common Questions about Male Organ Health Creme Answered
by man1health January 23, 2019

So, what鈥檚 the deal with the cr猫me craze? Today we have cr猫mes for every part of the body but are they really necessary? If they are necessary Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jersey , why and what kind of cr猫me should be used when there are so many options? How about a cr猫me for the Male Organ? 聽Well, while the Male Organ can indeed lubricate itself, things like relations, exercise, body washes and detergents, and environmental factors can wreak havoc on delicate member skin stripping it of its natural moisture and even cause rashes and irritation. Male organ health cr猫mes can help restore balance to the skin as well as offering additional benefits. Based on internet research, here is a list of five questions men commonly have about male organ health cr猫me and their answers.

#1: Is There Really a Difference between Normal Lotion and聽Male Organ Health Cremes?

Surprisingly Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , there is! Just like a person shouldn鈥檛 use the same lotion on their legs as they do their eyes, Male Organes are no different! The Male Organ is sheathed in thin, delicate skin which gives it its sensitivity. When it鈥檚 coated in too-thick lotions, overly aggressive lotions with acids (even fruit acids), or too much perfume or other additives and irritants, the skin can breakout, swell Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jersey , or get a rash. Some lotions also have ingredients that end up drying out the member skin.

Male organ health cr猫mes use specific formulas to treat Male Organ-specific concerns and take the delicate member skin into account.

#2: What are the Benefits of Using聽Male Organ Health Creme?

Male organ health cr猫mes have helped men fend off infection, regain suppleness, and lock-in moisture which prevents itching and dry, peeling skin. Member cr猫mes, if they contain ingredients like vitamin C and L-Arginine, have also been shown to boost blood flow resulting in stronger firmness. If a male organ health cr猫me contains vitamin A, it has been shown to not only keep skin bacteria-free but also blemish-free as well.

#3: Do Male organ health cr猫mes Protect Against Partner Transmitted Infections (PTI鈥檚)?

There are only two things that protect against PTI鈥檚 Cheap Oakland Raiders Jersey , abstinence and using condoms during relations. They also do not protect against pregnancy.

With regular use, they can protect against things like balanitis, acne, nerve damage, chafing, dry skin, peeling skin and more. It completely depends on the member cr猫me and its formulation.

#4: Can a聽Male Organ Health Cr猫me Help Restore Member Sensitivity?

As men age Cheap New York Jets Jersey , they often find that they aren鈥檛 as sensitive. Authentic Lamar Jackson Jersey Authentic Khalil Mack Jersey Kareem Hunt Womens Jersey Julio Jones Youth Jersey JuJu Smith-Schuster Youth Jersey Jimmy Garoppolo Youth Jersey Jason Witten Youth Jersey Jared Cook Youth Jersey Jalen Ramsey Kids Jersey Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys Jersey
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Geregistreerd op: 20 Mei 2018
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